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    I feel like that's my team...
    By IntheSameBoat

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    Your description fits pretty well with my team. We're openly known as the most dysfunctional team in our school. We do not work together well, we usually do our own thing unless somehow forced to make a decision we can all stick to -- or we make that decision and several do what they want anyways. We're not considerate of each other as a whole -- often one uses what buttons they know can be pushed to get his/her way.

    What's different is that we are a small team -- 5 general ed teachers and 2 special ed teachers. We're down one from previous years with 6 gen ed. When I was hired as 1 of 2 newbies coming in, I was told "I'm sorry." or "Good luck!" whenever i answered with what grade level I was teaching. We have no recourse with administration. A few years ago we tried to make changes on the team, but were not supported. It's terribly frustrating. The other new teacher and I stuck up for each other, stuck together and worked wonderfully. Last year when we went to 5 gen ed, I moved to a new grade level and now i'm back but my partner/support is gone to a new school. I'm terribly nervous about how this will work out this year -- I'm confident in what I need to do. If I have to go on a limb and do my own thing to do what's right, I will but I'd rather we have some sort of cooperation/collaboration.

    I'm not sure what will happen this year -- I feel as if I'm on my own in a mine field. If I step wrong, I bring on the explosion. If I tiptoe, I avoid sticking up for myself and my way of teaching (different from all the others) and dont do my children justice. I'm nervous and anxious and all tied up, but I'm also building my wall up so I can fight back. Apparently this problem has been long standing (5 years I've been here).

    I'm looking forward to the suggestions -- sorry I have none. Nothing seems to be working.....

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