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    By PopcornNhugs

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    This site rocks. I finally got it all to work and I can't believe all that I got:

    note cards
    rubber stamp
    return labels
    business cards

    I tried lastnight and a lot of it wasn't free, but tonight I tried the different links everyone's given (esp. Ms. York & JRichard) and it seemed to work. If it doesn't say free for you, go order something else that says "free" and come back and try the previous link again. It's like it knows how much you are getting and how much they will offer you for free.

    All that stuff I got would have only cost me $13.20 in shipping, but I wanted it here a little faster (since school is starting soon), so I paid $21 instead. But like another poster said, it's much better than getting all that personalized somewhere else.

    I can't wait until it all gets here. Woo Hoo!

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