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    By emg123

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    Hi Kay,
    When I taught second grade I did calendar. I'll try to remember everything that I did. Let's see... well of course we did the calendar part, but in addition we graphed the weather for the month as well as the temperature. I also had a little bag with small squares in it. On each square there was a number. The child who did the calendar would choose a number and then use coins to make up that number. The child would then choose 2 other kids to make that money value a different way. We also kept tabs on which day of school it was and how many we had left. I had bundles of straws in groups of ten equaling 180. I had made 2 felt containers to hold the straws - one was for the number of days we were in school and the other was for the number of days we had left. The felt holders were divided up into 3 sections to designate place value to 100. The straws were moved around. For example on the 6th day of school there would be six straws in the container for "how many days we've been in school" and 174 straws in the container for "how many days we have left in school" - 10 bundles in the 100s place, 7 bundles in the 10s place and 4 singles in the 1s place. The student would also record the numbers right below the felt containers. In addition I would give the student a time to record on the clock and also the student would go to the board to do an "awsome equation. He/she would use the number that was chosen out of the bag earlier (for the money) and make up an awsome equation for it. Any combination of operations would work as long as it totaled up to that number. For example, say 49 was chosen an awesome equation for that number could be as simple as 50-1 or as complicated as 10x8-20-5-10+4=49. After the student writes his/her equation on the board the I would let that student choose 5 more kids to do equations. All of the stuff needed for the calendar activities were hung up on a small bulletin board titled "Calendar" It I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

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