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    while you are away
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I think it's a good idea to connect with your sub and go over some of the things you do or will be doing when you get back. If she has a format for the weekly newsletters she should be able to keep them up. And as in the other posts - asking her what she would like to do would be great.

    I think keeping up with the webpage or doing a general update that won't need to be updated until you get back is best. Not everyone is comfortable with working with webpages and she should be concentrating on the lessons, etc., first.

    I was a sub in the similar situation and because I knew the teacher was coming back to work I wanted to make the transition easier for the students. So it was nice having feedback from the teacher on leave as to some of her routines, etc., so I could try to do the same when I was taking over her class. Of course we had some differences, but overall it worked out well.

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