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    It a good idea to leave . . .
    By In Nevada

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    your classroom managent plan. Ask the sub to focus on the teaching the procedure/routines that you would normally focus on the first few weeks. Also, ask the sub to implement the discipline plan that you plan to use. Make sure she has models the procedure/routines and has your students practice them until they get them right. Whatever was most important for you to focus the first few week, ask her to make the focus of the first few weeks as well. Make sure you let her know it would be know problem to drop you a line with any questions. You might want to make the students a video tape, letter with a picture, or something along those lines that tells them you sorry that you'll miss the first few weeks them. Let them know some information about yourself in the letter, as well as things that are important to you with regard to your classroom. Hopefully, you'll come back to a class that runs the way you would run it. Make sure to tell the sub that your a huge "consistency junkie" and you'd like her to always remain consistent with regards to discipline, routines, and procedures. Good luck and I hope everything goes okay with your medical procedures!

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