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    How about
    By maryteach

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    graphic novels? You know the ones I mean? The sort of anime things that are like comic books, but you read them from back to front. Not all are appropriate for a fifth grader, but some of them are. My reluctant readers in sixth grade eat these whole.

    As a matter of fact, how about comic books?

    Has he read Captain Underpants? I know, I know, but the scatalogical humor really gets boys.

    How about magazines? Sports, bikes, cars, WW Smackdown (look at these first)......Scholastic often has those sports books like NFL Quarterbacks, NBA Superstars, Year in Sports--as a matter of fact, boys also tend to really like almanacs, which is what Year in Sports is.

    It's amazing to me how many boys, who would never read poetry, love Shel Silverstein. He's silly, and boys LOVE silly.

    Guinness Books of World Records are huge with boys; so are any books from Ripley's Believe it or Not. You can get both of these fairly inexpensively through Scholastic. Also look for books from the TV show Fear Factor. I have a book about Monster Garage, called Monster Nation, and they can't get enough of it, also books called Hot Cars, Sweet Rides........

    My classroom library is consciously boy-friendly; I have engaged many, many reluctant readers just by the wide variety of (mostly nonfiction) reading material that I have. As a generalization (but not a rule), boys tend to like nonfiction much better than fiction.

    When he finally gets to late middle school, get him a copy of Guys Read, edited by Jon Schiezska.

    I don't think novels are something he's going to pick up; most reluctant readers take one look at a novel, become overwhelmed, and quit, but more boy-friendly material might do it.

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