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    By gloves2teach

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    My biggest help last year was

    I bought one of those plastic drawer things. It was a smaller size with 6 drawers (each drawer was slightly bigger than a sheet of paper). I labeled each drawer with a day of the week and the last drawer with Next Week. Then as my aide or I make copies I can file them directly in the correct drawer for that lesson. If I was really on the ball and had stuff for the next week it went in the last drawer. The drawers were nice because they were big enough for books, project paper, etc that I might need. I also was able to keep things in the drawer that I use each week. For example, I used Mad Minutes in math. I copied a bunch and filed them in the correct drawer-addition on Monday, subtraction on Tuesday, etc. I didn't lose any copies last year!

    I also make sure to copy two extras of everything. That way I always have an extra on hand if a child loses their homework or if I misplace my original. In addition to this I have a file tray on my desk for "extra" papers. After I pass out a homework assignment I put the two extras that I copied in that tray. I also put any extras of papers that the office might send home. I always have an "extra" on hand and when it gets full I just put it all in the recycle bin.

    A time saver for me is my morning routine chart. I always write a list of things to do on the board for the children when they come in. I found myself writing the same reminders every day. I put the first part on chart paper:

    Morning Routine
    1. Unpack and put your snack in your desk.
    2. Check your orange folder to turn in homework and look for notes.
    3. Sharpen two pencils.
    4. Use the restroom.
    5. Copy your homework.

    These things were the same every day. I put magnets on the chart paper and hang it on the board. Anything extra was written underneath it. That way the kids develop a routine of doing the same thing everyday. This is helpful when there is a sub in the room. I take away tickets if a child doesn't complete something from the list. Especially by the last month of school!!! :mad:

    I have one basket for each subject I teach. The kids turn in all papers to the appropriate basket. I bought one of those accordian files. I empty the basket and put anything that needs corrected in the accordian folder in the correct section. I take the folder with me where ever I go.

    One of my pet peeves is when kids don't put their name on papers. So I put a highlighter beside each turn-in basket. The kids need to highlight their name before turning it in (this takes some training). It reminds them to put their name on if they forgot.

    I also created a small copy of the class list. (it's about
    2" x4") Before placing papers in the accordian folder, I check off the names of students that have turned it in. I know quickly who owes me work. SOme people have the student's check off their own name as they turn it in, but I'd rather do it myself. It helps me remember who owes me something.

    My last tip saved me a lot of irritation at the end of the day. My students have an assignment pad which they write assignments in each day. I used to allow 15 minutes at the end of each day to write down the work and have me check over it. I had more one student who was so slow that they could never get it done and I ended up writing it for them. Then I added it to the morning routine list. They started in the morning and finished during free time in the day. They had to have it done by recess or take a classmate's book outside with them to copy it. It worked wonders!!! It seems so simple now but I don't know why I didn't think of it before. It saves me 10 minutes at the end of the day because all I have to do is check over them.

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