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    reward auction
    By gloves2teach

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    I use tickets and once a quarter the class holds an auction.

    This saves me lots of money because I don't have to purchase prizes.

    We hold a silent auction. A week before the auction I send home a notice to parents for donations. They can purchase things (usually stuff from the Dollar Tree) or they can clean out at home and send gently used items in for the class. I send home a permission slip that must be signed by the parent and must include a list of all the items being donated. I also clearly state that these items will not be returned and that students will not receive any real money for them.

    In the past kids have brought stuffed animals, card games, toys, etc.
    Near holidays I remind students to think about gifts they might need for parents, siblings, etc.

    The night before our auction I have them clear all their desks off except for their tickets and a pencil.

    As the items come in I mark the name of the item on a bid slip as well the donater's class number. The night before I put out all the items with the appropriate bid slip.

    In the morning they have activities to do away from their desks and they are allowed to browse. The auction has three rounds. The first two are 3 minutes and the third is 4 minutes.

    During the first two rounds students may only bid once per item. You must stress to them that they can only bid as many tickets as they currently have. They will have to keep track of their bids as they go. It is a silent auction and I do not allow talking (this keeps Johnny who doesn't have many tickets due to bad behavior from asking Sara to buy him things). After each round I go through with a marker and just make a line under all the bids so they know which round they bid on the item. This keeps them from tattling on each other about when they bid on each item.

    The third round is a little different. They may bid as many times as they want during this round. Stress to them that there is no reason so bid against themselves. They must wait for someone else to bid before bidding again! The younger ones get a little confused on this.

    At the end of all rounds I go around and call out the winners of each item. The winner pays the tickets to the donater of the item. They are given bags to put their items in and the items must go in their backpack until they get home. I sometimes enter homework coupons, free ice cream coupons, etc. to the auction. The kids pay me for these items.

    It works great and the kids love it!

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