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    Crazy dream
    By RobinCDRZ

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    Have you ever had crazy back-to-school dreams? I get along well & easily with my parents (I'm 40 - went to school when my boys were in school & dh at work), so this is not the problem. My age made my career transition easy, I believe. The problem is the back-to-school night. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS. My nerves at standing in front of a group of parents (so many of them doctors, although this shouldn't matter) intimidates me a bit. I am never satisfied that I come across as confident or articulate because my mouth gets so dry. This year I'll be teaching a split class. I'm lucky because the parents are welcoming and very outspoken about their happiness that I will have these classes. I do feel kind support. Why then, did I dream that I forgot the handouts that I give (and we go over) at parent's night? In the dream my older son ran and got some notes I had made for me to use instead. I was going to use them, but then I had another problem. Bubblegum was continuously coming out of my mouth. The more I tried to get it out, the more of it that appeared. Crazy, huh?

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