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    By gloves2teach

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    I read this post and another one from you. Where do you teach in Northern VA?

    It sounds like you are very thorough in your planning. I think you will be fine. I was "new" just two years ago. I didn't have nearly as much time to be prepared. I was I hired two weeks before orientation. I had to find an apartment, move my personal items as well as my classroom items (I was a long term sub previously) and get my classroom ready.

    It was quite overwhelming. Keep in mind that your first few weeks before school will probably be full of meetings and other time consuming things. If you are overwhelmed now I am sure you will be overwhelmed then!

    You sound very prepared and are well on your way to having a great year! I never do my bulletin boards at the beginning except for one. I have one All About Me for the kids to look at during open house and the first week of school. I put generic items up on the other boards (basically just decorations to go along with my theme).

    My goal is to get the desks set up, books in my library, and plans for the first 7 days. (We go back on the Wed. before Labor Day so I have plans for that week and the one after the holiday).

    As for the centers...I have one of those same books. I have gone through and mounted the covers on the folders already. (I use the ones without the prongs in them and then get them laminated.) I have everything pulled out of the book ready to laminate. These books tend to have lots of small pieces so I laminated the entire sheet of cards first and then cut them out.

    At my school our aides do our laminating (apparently teachers are not capable of this task! :) ) and they usually don't get to it until the 2nd week of school at least. While I don't use centers right away I did want them to be ready when I was. Believe me you will have several parent volunteers especially if you have an open house before school. This is a great task for them. The book explains exactly what to do in detail so anyone can take care of it. Our school offers a volunteer course that shows parents how to operate the copier, die cut machine, laminator, etc. I like to ask the teachers of the previous grade (in your case 1st) who they recommend as volunteers. They should be able to tell you who was good and for which tasks.

    I wish you well and don't worry if you can't get it all done! The students won't know what all you had planned! They will just enjoy what you have done for them! Good Luck!

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