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    Domino Math
    By C.P.

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    I have a blank domino sheet of paper. About 8 dominoes on a page (4 each column)You can either make it yourself or there is one in a the big first grade Mailbox book. Under each domino I have the words ____ and ____ is ____. They pull the domino out of a bowl, then write the number of each part in the blank domino. Then they fill in the blanks. I start off with sums to 10 using dominoes that are adding 0, 1, or 2 more. Even 2 more is pretty hard for some of mine. I do put in a couple of doubles for them and a couple of hard ones for those who need to be challenged. (My lows know that if it too much for them to put back the domino and pull another.) If they pick up the same domino, they do the turn around partner for it. I have my desks in groups and just put a bowl in the middle of the group. They pick it up, record, then put it back. It seems to work pretty good for most part. After they get the ______ and ____ is _____, then I change the paper to read _____+_____=______. Hope this helps.

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