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    I have done it
    By Mackenzie AK

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    I used to teach a 2/3 multi-grade class and I did workstations. They work great. It is okay if they choose the same activity, it just means, as a previous poster said, that they feel comfortable and aren't quite ready to move on and try something new. If they continue to choose the same activity over and over, add a new element to it. If it is a writing station, have them add sentences or give a list of vocab that must be used in the story. I had a number of kids who loved the listening station, that was great because I had a variety of stories and they had to write a quick summary or review before they could listen to another story. I will try to attach the response form. I also had these great word tiles that they used to make super sentences with, they loved the stamps and stamp pads to create pictures for a story. I also bought the little foam sticky pieces that can be used in art projects, and they made a scene with them and then wrote a story. I also had a poetry station, they loved seeing all of the poems that we had done as a whole class againg. They continually rewrote the poems using stickies over the original words. Okay I have reambled on, but I also had a partner read station and read with the teacher station.

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