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    By J.Elaine

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    :s) I think what you are saying is right on. People who use the basal all the time, and do it very well, probably get sick and tired of hearing us say we'd NEVER want to use a basal. You know, I kick and scream when things change, but when the chips are down, I figure out a way to make it work for my students.

    :s) You said it best! It is most important to meet THEIR needs. I think I do that very well without basals. BUT . . . I think I've already figured out a way to make it work, and you just confirmed that in your post. I do guided reading right now, I'll just do my guided reading using the basal stories, etc. If I want to meet in small groups to focus on a group of students specific needs, then I can do that using the basal as well.

    :s) I always have a self-selected independent reading component going, and I see no reason why that can't continue.

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