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    By yesteach

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    If your school does Scholastic bookfair, they can choose to take their profit in books (I just learned this last year). If they're not doing that, suggest they do and then divide the proceeds evenley between the classrooms. I always get at least a few books. This year, a parent in my class was running the bookfair and knew how much I love books (and someone had stolen my entire set of Spiderwick books). With everything "buy one get one free" I we got double the profit amount... in addition to what the profit would cover, this mother bought me everything else on my list! Also, we had a back order, and they sent serveral wrong titles. When she called them about shipping back the wrong ones, they told her just to keep them and donate them to the library. They were mostly paperbacks, and our librarian won't use paperbacks.. so, she got wnat hardbacks there were, and I got ALL the paperbacks... :-D

    It's a great way to get a few books. Another thing PTO has done is give us a 25.00 gift certificate to spend, and we get $50.00 worth of books, since it's "buy one get one free".. :-D

    Scholastic bookfairs are great! Check into it if your school isn't doing it.

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