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    Man, Kristen
    By maryteach

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    I'm with you. In the elementary grades, they get this "card turning" going on, where if a kid misbehaves, he has to turn his card from green to yellow, then from yellow to red. I have always thought that was silly. Kids understand consequences. I don't know where the teachers get the patience for these long, involved behavior plans. The kids know what they are and aren't supposed to be doing.

    I agree with the poster who gives them 2 choices. That's what I do, too. And my consequence is 30 minutes AFTER SCHOOL. I'm there anyway, so it's no skin off my nose. And even bus riders have to serve detentions after school. If their parents have to make arrangements to come pick them up, well, we believe in sharing the pain, and it doesn't take too many times of having to take time off work to change things.

    Sometimes parents have to get the consequence, too.

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