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    Also trying w/3rd this year
    By AnonOne

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    I'm also trying this with my 3rd grade class this year. This will be my first time trying it, also, so maybe we can share ideas and learn together!;)

    You brought up good questions. If students are doing the same activity each time they come to the stations, that should be OK -- this means they're choosing what's most comfortable/fun/interesting to them, which is what we want. Hopefully this means they'll grasp the concepts/skills better. We'll have to see, but I don't think it means we'll need to come up with new "I Can" lists:eek: --more work-don't need it!

    Ideas for "I Can" lists can come from the book and from this site. I find myself bookmarking sites all the time that ProTeacher posters recommend.

    I like her book. I especially like the idea of only having material in the stations that the teacher used in teaching. This makes more sense to me, if our goal is to teach specific skills--students will see us modeling use of the material, and this should reduce students' "horsing around" with the material.

    I'm thinking of doing workstations 30 minutes a day, with no rotation, during my 90-minute literacy block. I don't plan to grade it.

    I'm looking forward to responses from others who have actually used this in their classrooms!

    Maybe we can update each other on our progress. So far, I've put up a management chart for 7 stations, plus a 'Meet w/Teacher' card. I've decided where each station will be situated in my classoom and I've developed partial "I Can" sheets for some of the stations. I've decided to introduce 2 stations per day, starting with Library and Computer, because they seem the easiest to work into beginning of the year activities. How about you???:s)

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