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    Other ideas
    By teach4TX

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    I also do many of the above ideas, but here are a few others. (Long)

    First, buy lots of hanging files & file folders and then some of those file boxes from WalMart that have lids w/ handles. (They hold hanging files perfectly!) They're on the isle w/ the shoe box containers.
    Then, label one crate/box w/ "Extra Papers" and inside it put a hanging folder labeled w/ each day of the week and one folder labeled "memos". When you pass out assignment papers to students, have a student put any leftover papers in the folder for the day. Any left over notes to be sent home from you, office, PTO, etc. go in the "memos" folder. This really helps when you have a student who is absent or the occasional student who loses an assignment or form. These students know to go to the "Extra Papers" crate and pull out the assignments from the day(s) they were absent or the lost form.
    Label one crate/box w/ "To be Graded" and inside put hanging files labeled w/ each subject you teach. Once I collect an assignment, I immediately place the papers in the correct subject folder. When I'm ready to grade I just pull this crate off the shelf (don't forget the lid) and take it to my desk, daughter's soccer practice, or where ever I'm going to grade. Once I grade a set of papers, they go in the front of the box (if I'm not at home) or directly to the "Graded Papers" file if I'm at school.
    Label one crate/box w/ "Graded Papers" and inside a hanging folder for each student in your class. Once you've graded a set of papers, have a trustworthy student, your personal child, or yourself file the graded papers into each student's file. When I'm ready to send home graded papers, I just pull them from the file and place them in the students folder to be sent home.Like Javamomma, I have a tray for students to put notes from home in this tray only. However, I have the tray right next to the door so that students put the notes in the tray as soon as they walk in to my room. This keeps students from losing the notes also.

    I also have a file crate next to my desk w/ a hanging folder for each day of the week. Then inside each hanging file, I have a file folder labeled w/ each subject I teach (I teach ALL). So once I've ran my copies for the week, the papers go into the correct subject and the day of the week in which I will need that paper to hand out to students. When it's time to teach Math on Tuesday, I pull out Tuesday's math folder and Voilą! I can pass out the day's math assignment to the students.

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