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    By SusanTeach

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    Mine is similar to others. I get pretty stressed if I'm not organized - that's the anal side of me. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Have a table set aside that is for all your paper trays. Have one designated for each subject OR day of the week. All your copies go in those trays for the week. Make those copies every Friday.
    2. Have another tray for "office". That's anything that needs to go to the office. Then when you have your planning time, you just grab everything in the tray and head up there!
    a. Copy anything that goes to the bookkeeper or secretary (sometimes they lose things!), and keep a manilla file with the copies. Put the original in the office tray to get turned in.
    b. If you have something that needs to be copied (worksheet), throw a copy in the office tray.
    c. If you have a parent to call, jot down the parent's name and number and throw that in the office tray.
    3. Student mailboxes are WONDERFUL. I don't know how I did without them before. Any time I grade papers, I quickly sort them into the child's mailbox (the thin slotted kind). If I don't have time, I put the stack on top of the mailbox - and let my daughter do it for me later. :D Then on Fri. I can grab the child's stack, staple it, and put it in their graded paper folder.
    4. I grade papers on my planning time (with a key to make it go faster), or at my son's basketball practice. I refuse to do it on weekends. You have to have some down-time and family-time!
    5. I write all my lesson plans out and make any copies on Friday - then I go home knowing it's all ready for Monday!

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