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    This I can help with!
    By kitty11710

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    As a teacher who has only been teaching a couple years, I get excited when I can post a reply and help another teacher. Organization is one of my strong points.
    1) I have a file folder rack on my desk with a folder for each day of a week. If I run things off ahead of time I place it in the folder for the day I am going to use it. This way all I need is the folder and the lesson plan and I am ready to go. There are also folders in the rack for To Be graded, and for later use. Those are just items I didn't get to use in lesson, but would like to use another day. There is also an "extras" folder which I try to empty about once a week, saving any homework assignments in my filing cabinet for make-ups.

    2) Next to my desk is my filing cabinet. On my filing cabinet are three paper bins marked with the subjects I teach and notes. This helps me keep any work kids hand in together and in some organized fashion.

    3) Any paperwork from admin or the office that needs my attention gets placed in the corner of the blotter. I get to work early because I have a long commute so usually this pile gets checked in the morning to see what needs to be done when.

    4) I also have a set book ends at the other corner of my desk. This is great for keeping books or binders you need handy, organized. I have one binder for old lesson plans for each subject, and one for my homework checking.

    5)Everything else in my classroom that is in a bin or magazine rack is completely labeled (Centers, writer's notebooks, reading response journals, hall passes etc.)

    Hope this helps! Have a great year.

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