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    Ways to decide who goes first
    By Risa

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    Found this in my files, but I have no idea where it came from! It was dated from 2004. It was simply titled "Who goes first." I probably copied it from a teacher board similar to this one. Maybe this will help someone out, somehow.

    Last/First name that begins with a letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet
    Most letters in your name
    Most recently finished reading a book
    Number of magazines subscribed to
    Most recently wrote a letter
    Most recently attended a lecture
    Last digits in phone number is the lowest number
    Number of buttons on your clothing
    Closest birthday to today
    Smallest street address number
    Number of years in your profession
    Stayed up the latest last night
    Traveled the farthest
    Most pockets
    Longest/shortest hair
    Most coins with them
    Wearing most jewelry
    Most recently rented a video
    Watch face is the smallest
    Took the most recent photos
    Has been to the movies most recently
    Most pictures in their purse/wallet
    Has visited a museum most recently
    Watched the most TV last night
    Couldn't find where they parked their car most recently
    Most recently bought a CD
    Name the most song titles with "Love"in them
    Played an instrument most recently
    Listened to music most recently
    Shortest pinky
    Went golfing most recently
    Exercised most recently
    Longest wing span
    Watched sports on TV most recently
    Mowed the lawn most recently
    Number of plants in their house
    Most pets
    Most recently went on a nature walk
    Most/least brothers/sisters
    Number of siblings
    Number of children
    Married the longest
    Remembered the most dreams from last night
    Remember your age in your earliest memory

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