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    Behavior Chart
    By Angie

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    I use the color card system in my class. Each child has a library pocket with 4 cards:
    green = a good day
    yellow= warning
    red= miss recess
    blue= sad note home and no recess all day (We have 2 recesses, morning and afternoon, at my school.)

    Each child in my class has a homework folder that has to be carried home and brought back to school everyday. Each week I stick a behavior chart in their homework folder. The chart is a half sheet of paper with five squares on it (one sqaure for each day of the week). At the end of each day when I pass out homework folders, the children color in on the behavior chart what color their card is on for the day. Behavior charts go home and parents have to initial under the day's square. I also have the color key on the chart so parents know what their child's behavior was like for the day. That way their are no surprises at report card/conference time.

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