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    By J.Elaine

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    I had to move from one classroom to another one time. My furniture had not been moved yet, but I was required to leave a plan for where I wanted all my furniture placed before I left the school for the summer. Well, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to make decisions about the furniture when I'd not seen the furniture in the room yet :( . Here's how I solved the problem. I used graph paper just like teacher1997 told you. I used the tiles to measure. I put masking tape on the floor so I could "see" how much room each piece of furniture would take, then I just went to the graph paper and drew in where I wanted a piece of furniture placed. It worked perfectly :) !

    One other thing I do that helps me a lot. We have trapezoid-shaped tables instead of desks, so I use the trapezoid pattern blocks to experiment with different table groupings. It's easier than moving the tables all around until I get a new arrangement I like.

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