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    By hescollin

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    I like to grow a sweet potato in water. Students can see the roots, stems and leaves form.

    Philodendroms are great. They last year after year after year.

    Around Christmas buy an Amaryllis bulb. They grow very fast, a couple inches a day. It will get to be about 36 inches tall. You will need a dowel stick to keep it from falling over. It will get 2 or 3 beautiful blossoms on it. You cut it back and it will grow back again next year. It is amazing to watch because it grows so quick.

    We have an artificial tree. It is about 4 foot tall. Bought it at Wal Mart. To start the year we decorate it with plastic apples. At Easter when we are studing animal cycles we hang plastic Easter eggs with yellow baby chickens in the inside. Christmas time we get candy canes and put on the tree. Students get the candy canes the last day before break. Put a string of clear mini Christmas bulbs on the tree.

    We also grow "Wisconsin Fast Plants" Do a google search to read about them. You plant the seeds, watch the plants grow, bud, bloom, students pollinate the pretty bright yellow flowers, seed pods form, plants die and you harvest the seeds for students next year to plant. A complete cycle in seven weeks. We recycle our pots and etc from year to year.

    I like to buy a Poinsettia around Christmas time, also. They are beautiful. They don't last very long, but I enjoy them during the holidays.

    Another unique combination that I found at Wal Mart. Is the Belta Fish and Lily. You never have to feed the fish because it eats the lily roots.

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