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    money system
    By mellen

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    I use a money system for classroom management. I have bills in the following denominations: 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, 50's, and 100's. Each morning the students sharpen two pencils and turn in their homework they receive $2. They also receive dollars for returning important papers (fundraisers, emergency cards, etc.) throughout the year. Students often earn dollars for following procedures and participating fully in lessons. Once they save $20, they are allowed to "shop". I have inexpensive school supplies, kids meal toys, candy, homework passes, etc. in a tote that they may choose from. Students lose dollars when they behave inappropriately. It also costs $1 to use the restroom during class, or to sharpen a pencil during class. If students wish to save enough for a $100 bill, they may keep the bill and take it home with them. The rest of their money is returned to me at the end of the year after all students have done their shopping. I teach third grade.

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