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    first day
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I start my day with having my students begin colouring nursery rhyme colouring pages that will eventually be made into a little book. While they are busy colouring, I can help put away supplies, greet new students, do attendance, etc.,

    This usually takes up the first 20 minutes of the day.

    Once everyone is settled I thank the parents who stayed to help and let them know when they can come to pick up their child after school. It's my subtle hint that it's time for them to leave. Usually after I thank them I ask the children to move to the rug area for a storytime and let them know their moms (dads) are going to leave for awhile and they will see them after school.

    I read a story and we share what we did during the summer. I tell them a bit about myself.

    I will have them print their names (I keep samples of work throughout the year in a binder in their desk).

    We will sing some songs, learn three words (The, I, is), etc.,

    Before recess we will do a tour of the school so that everyone knows where the bathroom is, playground, their entrance, etc.,

    After recess we will do the calendar and weather charts and use shape blocks for patterns. I keep this time pretty relaxed and I do some initial observations as to who seems to know how to create patterns and who doesn't.

    Then we get ready for lunch.

    Our first day is a 1/2 day this year which will be very nice.

    When we had full days I did these types of things in the afternoon.
    - colour a picture of what they did in the summer to put up for a display
    - go outside for a gym period
    - read a few more stories
    - start discussing class rules
    - draw a picture to take home
    - play some get-to-know you activities

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