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    Low Key Nightly Reading
    By Kay

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    The 4th grade homework I assign usually only takes about 20 minutes to complete. Much better return rate when the workload isn't extreme. When 60 minutes is assigned, they don't do any- so I am happy with assigning a little and getting 95% returned. They know it won't take long so they do it. I then ask my kids to read 15 minutes Mon-Thurs. nights. Their parents sign a Reading Bookmark verifying their child read and it comes back to school on Friday. I tell the parents at Back To School Night the best way to improve as a reader is to practice reading, just like you would do in sports. I tell the parents that it is their responsibility to truthfully sign. I rarely counted it as a grade. However, those that turned in in for 3 of the 4 weeks in the month earned a Pizza Hut Book It coupon. I typically had 40% of the class complete this assignment, but at least I knew they were honest about it. I teach in a low-income, high ESL school.

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