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    150 Years!
    By mamahawk

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    This fall we will celebrate our school's 150th year. Well, the buildings have been rebuilt over the years, but the school has been at this site for all those years. :D Catholic parish school. Currently, we're a K-8 but the school has also been a high school.

    Current buildings were done in 1950's and 1960's. Newer building was done with a lot of "Catholic volunteer" type labor. Those of you familiar with this mode of construction know that the actual construction doesn't always match what was on the drawing plans. This makes for interesting building "issues" so all teachers get an introductory tour to the introduce them to weird building quirks. e.g. blowing a circuit (my building has three circuit panels - one of which is in a building on the other side of the playground! The wall plugs for my room are on one panel, the lights are on a second panel, and the heating system is on the third panel.)

    We had a volunteer break a "gas" line outside our building. It took three days for the plumber, building inspector, and gas company to decide the line was 'probably' not really connected to anything anymore. :confused: Solution - cap the line and fill in the hole.

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