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    Let them choose the book
    By teach4TX

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    I wouldn't require ALL students to read the same book; otherwise, what's the point of the reading log. Students need to have some say in what they read outside of school, otherwise they're not going to want to read at all outside of school.
    I allow my students to read ANY type of reading material (newspapers, magazines, nonfiction, fiction, etc.) for their home reading log. Students occasionally have assigned reading to do for homework, i.e. for Lit Circles or class novel. On the reading log, you can have the students continue to write a main idea statement or summary of their reading material.
    Tell students that at any given time, you can question them about their reading material, and if there is doubt about whether or not they really read it they lose points on their grade. (You could occasionally put their logs into a "hat" and choose one at random to allow the student to "share" w/ the class about their reading selection.) Also, if your students have assigned classroom numbers (usually based on alphabetical order) then collect their logs say maybe 5-10 from each class in one day, depending on how many you want to grade at a time and how frequently you want to grade these logs.
    You want the students to find enjoyment in their reading however you use the outside reading log.

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