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    By LA Teacher

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    Low-socio economic school here. The parents think that one pack of paper and one pack of pencils should do till the end of the year. I refuse to supply anymore stuff from my own pocket. Sometimes we have churches that donate supplies, I will get some of that if needed for the "classroom" but it gets used up FAST.

    Our admin said she didn't have a problem with us giving the students recycled paper, but we COULD NOT tell them to use a crayon. (That's what I've done in the past--oops) Our parents think that once they've bought that initial supply-the school can foot the bill for everything else. They don't realize it is I who foots the bill. I buy for my own children and replenish, I wish everyone else at my school would. Sorry to vent!

    I don't know what to do about pencils. I think I will make the students give me something of theirs for one of my pencils. Kind of exchange...

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