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    Thispast year was the 1st time I attempted to have plants. My mother passed away and we received a TON! The best ones for my room seem to be the 2 peace lilies, the mother-in-law's tongue, the parlor palm and aloe vera. I have heard that MIL tongue is poisonous if eaten, but I have 3rd graders, so it's not a problem. The aloe vera was given to me by a friend. It was taking over her garage. Another teacher friend divided it for me--it had 16 "babies"! I gave them to everybody who would take one--I still ended up with about 5 left and the "Mother" plant now has at least that many new babies coming up!!! I also bought a small jade plant and a pepperomia (I think that's what it's called). All of these plants' tags said "let dry slightly between waterings". I can do that!! My classroom gardener managed to keep them alive all spring semester, and I have been going up about once a week and watering them. They don't look too bad.

    The MIL's tongue gets NO light except fluorescent. ONe of the peace lilies is on my desk and doesn't get much natural light. The only effect I see is that the blooms aren't white w/out some natural light. They are just green like the leaves.

    After 5 months these things are still alive, so maybe there is hope for me as a plant person yet!

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