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    We all cry.. :-)
    By yesteach

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    I felt like crying this year.. summer before last I spent weeks moving and rearranging my things into a new room, which I was really excited about because it was a brand new portable, all new furniture, wireless internent, my own a/c unit (that's a huge thing in Texas in August and May.. LOL).

    I got it all set up, just the way I wanted.. I loved my little room... and then, since we got a new fifth/sixth center, our principal decided to bring all classrooms back in the building and use the portables for "extras" (music, speech, reading pullout)... so... I had to pack all my stuff up... and move back to the VERY SAME ROOM I'D JUST LEFT THE YEAR BEFORE!!!!! That's when I wanted to cry!! Kept thinking I could have just STAYED here.. rather than all that packing and moving!!

    I have a friend who went to that new fifth/sixth center... brand new building, all new everything.. .she took such good care of her room... no stains on the carpet, no smudges on the walls... looks just like it did the day she walked in.. .with SIXTH graders... the last week of school they told all the teachers they were changing classrooms... she got one from a teacher who was not returning next year by "mutual agreement." After she found out she wasn't coming back, she didn't bother to take care of anything.. carpet is all stained, desks were written on, walls are dirty and smuged... My friend cried because she'd taken such good care of hers and had to go that... told them they were cleaning that room before she went in it!!

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