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    Love it
    By Hot Pepper

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    I have used this for the past two years and the students LOVE it. I make my own rewards because some of the ones are too young for my fifth graders or they are not something I am willing to do.

    We play on Mondays if you have turned in all of your homework for the previous week. (Students that have an unexcused absence are not allowed to play.) MOnday is a good day because if I need the weekend to sort through something, I have the time. Fridays are just not good for me.

    The first day of school I take a picture of each kid with my digital camera and then print them out. (I use their heads as tokens.)

    After I had the board laminated, I put 2 small pieces of velcro tape on each space on the board. (Because your often have more than one student on a space at a time.) If I have more than 2, we just use tape. One the back of their heads, I have the other half of the velcro. It works out really well because I never have to pick any heads up off the floor!

    ~I do need to make a new board this year because I had it positioned in my classroom where a light was constantly on it and it faded to a yucky yellow orange.~

    I make it one of the classroom jobs for the week. The students do it all. The child playing gets to roll the dice, but the one with the job moves all the heads, and instructs the students to draw their card, etc. I got some of those bright plastic enveleopes from the dollar tree and put the community chest and chance cards in there. That way SOMEONE other than the teacher monitors it and they play fair!

    I also let my students name the squares the first day of school.

    It has been a great homework motivater. They have the opportunity to earn prizes or privelages weekly.


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