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    Class Friend
    By AnnieTeach1st

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    Every Friday I pick a student's name out of my fair sticks ( I use these for everything). Whichever child's name is picked they get to take home the stuffed monkey for the weekend. I make sure that everybody gets a chance before anyone gets to take him home for the second time. I explained from the start that everybody gets a turn before I can let anyone have him for a second time. So if a student's name is picked and they have already taken our friend home they know that I will pick somebody else.

    The students take the monkey for just the weekend. I tell them that it is very important to take good care of our friend and return him safely on Monday. I also tell them that he doesn't like to miss school so it is their responsibility to make sure he arrives Monday morning. I never sent him home over vacations. Too much time for the little guy to get lost. Everyone last year did a good job of being responsible with him. We only had one near scare. One little boy took him home and then couldn't find him. Another girl ended up finding him in the after school daycare center that they both went to.

    Along with the stuffed monkey, I also sent home a journal which the students wrote about what they did with our friend and then they are supposed to draw a pciture to go with it. I also send home a diposable camera. They are allowed to take one picture with our friend. At the end of the year I put all of the pictures in our first grade memory book. 'I put all of this into the monkey's "suitcase." (a small green canvas bag).

    Last year was my first year doing this project and I will definitely do it again and again. The kids loved it and couldn't wait to be chosen.

    I hope this helps sorry it is a bit long!

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