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    discipline system
    By Doug

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    I have been using a "penny jar" system for the last 12 years in my grade one class. I have baby food jars for each student that acts as their 'peny jars'. All of the jars sit on a shelf in my room that is covered in green paper which I call..the green shelf! Every students' jar starts on the green shelf every morning. If the child needs a discipline that day, I tell them to give themselves 'a warning' and they move their penny jar to the "yellow" shelf. They know that it is not good to be on the yellow shelf because at the end of the day I pay them pennies. If they are bad again on that same day, I tell them to give themselves another warning and they move their penny jar to the RED shelf! Students know that this is not a great place to be because they know they won't get any money at the end of school in their penny jars. All the green shelf students will get paid 3 cents, yellow shelf will get paid 1 cents and the red shelf gets nothing. With the money they earn for being good, I open up my little store every five days and they get to purchase little things like stickers, pencils, and special things that they really like. This also ties in money concepts such as saving up, counting, spending and making purchases with real money. I have bigger, more expensive things like pads of paper and even a coupon for a free ice cream cone at McDonalds where I take them in my car at lunch!

    I like this system because I don't have to do anything during the day or keep track of anything. I also tie in the penny jar system with my classroom 'jobs' where they apply and get paid for the normal classroom jobs...but that's another e-mail. E-mail me if you have any further questions. Good Luck!

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