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    Losing/breaking pencils!!!
    By littlepig17

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    My class was constantly having to sharpen their pencils or losing them. I finally told them that they get 2 per month. If they lost them, they had to use crayon or whatever they had. They got to sharpen it at recesses and after school. It alleviated a lot of my headaches. As for supplies, our school sends a note home at the end of the year for the next year's supplies. This year I kept them, until I started running out. Then I passed them out. I also started them out with scissors, glue, etc. from the school's supplies. I also numbered them. I put them in a basket for each row. When we needed the supplies, the team captain for each row picked the basket up and distributed the supplies. Half way through the school year, I had to replace a couple of pairs of scissors. The only thing they didn't replace(or bring enough of) was tissues.

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