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    Set up is key...
    By Dougbug

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    to making the Writers Workshop work effectively.

    At the beginning of school I started with a pocket chart that looks like a 4 pencils stacked on top of each other. In the chart pockets I put cut up sections of a large poster on the writing steps.

    Pocket 1 has Brainstorming Web

    Pocket 2 has Draft

    Pocket 3 has Peer Review

    Pocket 4 has Edit and Proofread

    Pocket 5 has Rewrite

    Pocket 6 has Publish

    Beside each pocket step, I have a taped a small envelope. I made a small pencil out of paper with each child's name on it. The students move their pencils down the chart to indicate where they are in the writing process. I can see at a glance where everyone is on their writing.

    To further help them "see" the steps, all their writing is done in special writing folders. I take two pocket folders and glue the back side of one to the front side of the second. This gives them a folder with four pockets. The first pocket is labeled "web", the second pocket is "Draft", the third pocket is "Edit/Proofread" and the fourth pocket is "Publish/Final".

    They know that they can not move their pencils in the chart or their writing in their folders until they have completed the previous step. Inorder for them to be at "Final" in their folders, they must be ready for their grade.

    I like the folders, because it keeps everything together. When I grade the writing, I have the whole process right there for me to look at. I can easily see how they are doing and what areas of the process is still a struggle.

    Good Luck!

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