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    Stuff that will help you maintain your sanity
    By kitty2cats

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    First, you must have a mini drugstore in your desk, or locked cabinet, to
    include....advil, allergy pills, saline spray for a stuffy nose, throat
    lozenges, pads or tampax, and don't forget the Immodium! Bandaids,
    your own kleenex, safety pins, invigorating hand lotion, a mirror, your own scented sanitizer, baby wipes for all occassions, a stapler that says, "Do not Touch" on it. Kids break staplers just by looking at them!
    You don't want to drink out of the water fountains for sure, so you must have a big, frosty thrist quenching bottle of water. This year our pop machine was taken away from the lounge....bummer....I like some caffeine in the afternoons. The district was going to charge us the cost of electricity. Also, we cannot have a mini-fridge or microwave unless we pay the district 50 bucks, I guess it is. I have a lamp on my desk, and I thought they were going to charge me for that! Candles are
    not allowed, nor is the use of sanitizing spray. Can you believe it? They think that you might squirt it on a kid. So I keep my Lysol spray tucked away, otherwise it might be taken away! I guess they want the germs to grow and multiply so that everyone gets sick. Another thing is the amount of things you have hanging on the walls. The fire dept. has told us we cannot have anything hanging from the ceiling, and very little on the walls. With all those restrictions, it's hard to make it as cozy in the classroom, but I try~! Also, be sure to have something you can look at or read everyday that makes you smile and gives you inspiration.

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