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    review games
    By tia

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    i use Bingo for just about everything! you asked about cooperative games--i've never played it that way, but you could (it's actually a great idea!) i have the students write either the definition or the concept on the boards and then you call out either the concept or the definition. if you did it in groups, they would collaborate on putting the board together, help each other listen for answers/questions, and discuss the correct answer before placing marker on board. (i use dried pinto beans for markers--i saw that a colleague puts her markers in film cannisters so they're ready to go.) i love the team idea! i'll have to try that out next year.

    i also do Team Tournaments. Groups of 4 (or whatever). Teacher has list of questions (sometimes i use the SMARTBoard--especially for visual math problems). group has 1 minute to solve and give answer. (i start the year with Newell's Rules for Games--first answer called out is it--you must collaborate--teacher has final say, etc--so no griping because they know the rules of how to play any game) if that group can't answer, it goes to the next group and so on. everyone has same number of attempts/questions. team with most points gets prize (sometimes i give small candy prize to everyone if all were working hard).

    not cooperative (but i suppose you could play 2 against 2)--Concentration/Memory--have (or premake) students make cards for concepts (could be pictoral or verbal--1 concept/1 answer or definition). shuffle and turn cards upside down, students then need to find the matches.

    a favorite (not really cooperative--but they do have "teams"):
    Vocabulary Basketball--have garbage can at front of room; students have one or two scrap paper crumpled balls. mark off several strips of tape in about 1 foot intervals from garbage can to back of room (number depends on your grade/expectations/student ability). divide class into 2 "even" teams--line them up on either side of the room. taking turns, they step up to first line--you give a word (for example, "ominous"). the first line represents the definition--if student gets it right, s/he move up a line and can shoot the ball and take 1 point for definition and 1 point for basket (if s/he can make it) or tries for the next mark. here are some of the skills you can use: spell the word, use the word in a sentence, give a synonym, what part of speech, antonym (the closer you get to the can, the easier to make the shot and get that point--the more skills you get, the more points.) the more points you get, the more for your team. to keep all students playing when it's not their turn, you can have them using response boards (small white boards or laminated folders) and write down everything they know about a word and check their ideas against "ballplayer".

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