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    By LaVerne

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    A quick vocab review game my students have enjoyed I call Word Splash.

    I divide the class into teams...either in 2 large groups or smaller groups of 3 or 4...5 seems too big. I let them use their notes or book to help with review, if it is early in the unit, or without if it is toward the end of the unit of study.

    I have made a transparency for the overhead with a big splash on it...about the entire size of the transparency. Inside of the ring of the splash, I have quickly written words or phrases that the students need to review. Each team gets a turn and if the previous team has missed a definition, the next team gets that word plus another word or phrase of their choice. Sometimes I give points for correct answers, sometimes we just play.

    It is a very quick game that requires minimal prep time for the teacher. I reuse the transparency and use a wipe off marker to program in the words.

    I also use Jeopardy as a review prior to a test. I make a large grid on paper with the info and points on it so I can always have it in my file for that unit. I put the points on the board and wipe off the amounts they have answered correctly. Once I have made the grid paper, the first time, it is reusable each year. IF I had access to a projector, I would just use my computer to project the grid. BUT, I have to schedule the computer lab to do that at my school. ( Only 1 projector for primary, and 1 for intermediate. Only used in the computer lab.)

    I also put vocab words on cards, choose a student, have them sit on my stool up front. I hold the card above their heads. They have 3 chances to call on a different student to give them clues to guess the "Mystery Word" that is above their heads. After 3 tries, I draw names and a new student comes to the stool.

    Hope this helps.

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