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    powerpoint slides
    By tia

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    i just happen to have a hard copy of mine here at home (because it was deleted TWICE off my laptop/server this past school year and i need to redo it AGAIN for next year). :mad:

    here are my slides:
    *a few pics of kids doing stuff (our back to school night is about 2 1/2 weeks into the year) like using SMARTBoard for interactive lessons, playing math games, using computers for centers, science experiment...
    *background info on me (schooling, experience, family)
    *my goals for the year (prepare for junior high, proficiency on state test, enrich lives with culture, become better writers, enjoy math, become a more fluent reader...)
    *"important 6th grade info" (binder, planner, homework)
    *info on Monday Folders
    *picture of all my "strange-looking" incentives (Newbucks, Behavior Tracker, Tickets Out, Monkey Points, Extra Credit tickets, and Tiger Tickets) and explanations of them all
    *a slide for each curricular subject
    *information on who the teachers are (we use flexible grouping for math and reading)
    *No Excuses Policy (work turned in when due--no excuses)
    *explanations of grading system (what +7 means, check plus, why some things aren't graded--done together, stamp/sticker)
    *explanation of why strange things are on the reverse of some assignments (use of recycled paper)
    *call for volunteers and useful items
    *info on absences
    *how to pick up child early (sign out at office, send note in the AM so i have kid ready to go--no interruptions)
    *info on progress reports
    *list of study skills we work on (responsibility, homework consistency--same time and place everyday for habit forming, time management, study methods, mnemonics/memorization methods, organization, collaboration
    *info on extra credit (don't ask for it! it's offered once a quarter)
    *info on ALL of the assessments the 6th graders have to take--along with dates!
    *field trip info
    *study hall
    *classroom expectations and consequences
    *toy confiscation notice
    *book orders
    *recommended resource for purchase (Write Source 2000)--excellent book for reading and writing skills and reference
    *my email and request to contact me as problems arise
    *list of suggestions for helping children with schoolwork at home (ie: have them read directions to you, ask them to recall steps, have them explain the example to you, check planners nightly, read Monday Folder thoroughly each week....)
    *appendix (hard copies of daily schedule, study hall refrigerator reminder, paper policies, essay scoring rubric, spelling practice ideas)
    *also i plan on adding some new slides to share what i've learned this summer in my classes (i always tell my parents where i'm going and what i've learned when we have those inservice days--i hate for them to think i just have the day off!) anyway, i learned some powerful stuff in these state-mandated (ugh) reading classes i took (ie: did you know that there are more "rare words"--not common sight words--in a children's book than in a college student's conversation? i'd have to check my notes, but even comic books have high incidences of rare word usage) and also, i want to share some information about including the arts in the curriculum (my master's program) to help explain why the children are doing the Brain Dance, etc.

    so that's it! good luck putting yours together. (you might include school topics as well--like school rules, assemblies, traditions...)

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