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    gutter shelves
    By Nessa

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    I have rain gutter 'shelves' in my room. I didn't install them, it was a school wide project a few years ago and the custodians installed them into the cement block walls. I think they are great, they display books so that my students can see the covers as they browse. I put colored dots on the gutters and my books so that the books could be returned to the correct location.

    I had one under my front board. I used this to hold some of my most frequently used teacher manuals and library books that I took out on our current units. Students knew that the books from the front gutter must be returned there and were not to be kept in desks. This helped me keep track of my books.

    I also had one under my back board which I used to display student work/projects.

    A draw back: it limits future room arrangements. I cannot remove/ move my gutters and so cannot put any furniture against the wall in that part of my room. Before you install make sure you are sure of the placement in the room.
    Tip: Make sure they are far enough apart so that your tall books fit. I have one shelf just for paper backs because there isn't enough room for taller books.
    Place shelves low enough to be reachable by students. My top shelf is useless because my students can't reach it.

    Also- one teacher in my school used spray paint for plastic (made by Krylon?) and painted her gutters in primary colors. Much more interesting than plain old white.

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