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    Insect crafts and ideas
    By Karine

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    1. Clothespin Butterflies:You could make clothespin butterflies. All you need are clothespins, googly eyes, tissue paper, pipecleaners, and glue stick. You will need to pre-cut the pipecleaners(legs)about 2 inches long (3 per child) and also the tissue paper into 15 cm X 15cm squares. The kids simply need to stick the googly eyes on the top of the end where you grasp objects. They then put the tissue paper and the pipecleaner legs in the grasping part of the clothespin. They can then decorate the tissue paper wings with glitter, ink stamps, etc.

    2. Bug Pizzas: Read the story "Sam's Pizza" by David Pelham. You could then have the kids make "bug pizzas". You would need Pizza Hut personal pan pizza boxes, construction paper (yellow=crust,red=sauce,brown=pepperoni,green=green peppers, and white=mushrooms), pictures of insects photocopied, and glue sticks. You could pre-cut the crust,sauce,toppings or have the kids do it themselves. After they've made their pizza, they can glue it into the pizza box. You then use these crafts for role-play of the story.

    3.Story: Billy's Beetle by Mick Inkpen. Cute story for this theme.

    4. Craft: Antennae Headbands. You will need bristol board and construction paper. The bristol board is for the headband, the construction paper for the antennae and circles at the end of the atennae. The kids can decorate with markers, glitter, etc.

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