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    Birthdays are special
    By TootSweet

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    In my calendar kit, I have all the little squares for each holiday so each year before school begins, I double check the date the holiday falls for the year and place them in a baggie in chronological order. I also purchase the birthday calendar squares and as soon as I get my class list (a few days before school) I write each child's name on the square and put them in with all of the holidays. That makes it easy for me each month as I change the calendar, I have my holidays and birthdays right there.

    Like another poster, I make up birthday bags using the cheap celophane bags from the dollar store. I include a pencil, eraser, sometimes a sharpener, a card and a few pieces of candy & cheapy toys.

    The morning of the birthday, I ask the student to the front of the room, give them their gift and a birthday badge sticker. The whole class sings happy birthday. I like to do it in the morning instead of waiting til the end of the day when parents usually bring cupcakes because several of my students cannot afford to bring treats. That way, they get their special birthday time without the pressure from the other kids asking "did you bring something?"

    And for those who have summer birthdays, it's simple--we just celebrate "half birthdays". I was a summer birthday kid and HATED

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