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    By mandyg

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    Ok, I *try* to be organized, but I can't say I do it ALL the time. I am working on this. I keep telling myself, one day. I am a lot like you: I put it off until I think I will have more time (which never really happens).

    I have learned to have a place for everything, so even if the paper is not neatly filed I know what general area to look.

    Student information:
    I have a large clear, plastic file box with a lid. Inside are numbered hanging file folders. Each student has a corresponding number. Any student information (notes, IEP, tests, work samples, parent communication) gets dumped in the front of the box. Occasionally during bus call I will haul the box out and file everything.

    Student info I use often:
    I keep a binder with test information that I might need at any given moment (class profile sheet, running records, school wide goals, list of writing stages and reading stages, etc). I call this my class date binder. I have a section for each item. In the front I keep my class profile sheet (this is a really cool paper my school requires us to do. It is basically a giant spreadsheet of abilities, reading, writing and math bench mark test scores for the beginning, middle and end of the school year. I just look at his one sheet for all the info). After this paper I have dividers for school goals, running records (a paper clips separates beginning and mid year) and my personal professional goal info.

    Faculty/ Meeting notes and handouts:
    This is really classy. For my faculty notes I just use a spiral notebook. Any handouts for meetings get stuck in the spiral notebook. If I need them, I know where they are. I have NEVE had to pull these out before, but I got them if I need them. My "plan book" is actually a binder with all these cool pockets. I keep the staff meeting spiral notebook zipped in one of the pockets and pull it out when I go to ANY meeting (and we have plenty). I find it easier to keep all my meeting notes in one spiral.

    One way I cut down on this is I only copy a week in advance (like another poster mentioned). If I do it any earlier I usually run copies and never use them. I guess I over plan!?! Then I have all these copies and stick them in a file cabinet for "next year" and I promptly forget about them until right AFTER I finish the unit next year.

    I copy them a week in advance. On my desk I have plastic stackers from an office supply store. I have six stackers. One stacker for each day of the week plus an extra (I'll mention this later). I put each set of worksheet in the day I will use them. I also criss cross the copies to keep them from getting mixed up. It works for me! Any extras at the end of the week are collected and filed or put in my "to file at end of year box." Depends on time.

    Stuff I STILL don't know what to do with:
    The sixth stacker I keep on the top. This is for handouts and things I have no idea what to do with and don't want to lose: Six flag reading forms, book it forms, field trip info, etc.

    I have a website with one page just dedicated to organization. Check it out if you want.

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