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    By NCP

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    I am the super organized one! Here are my solutions:

    I too have worksheets copied in advance. We have to put our copies in to be copied, so I have to do them in advance. I have five magazine file sized plastic buckets I have labeled as M-F. They sit on the top of the bookshelf behind my desk. I place books I am going to read, worksheets I an going to use, or samples I am going to show in these buckets. I also have a file folder in each bucket to put stuff for the following week behind the current week. I also have a small hanging file box next to these with files for: copies to be made, current units, book orders, sub folder, attendance slips, nurse passes, etc.
    As for faculty notes and forms, I have a staff binder I place these things in. I have used dividers in this notebook labeled by subject: math, reading, writing, spelling. I also have a standards section and a section for calendars and other notices.
    For my students, I also keep a file for each student, but I have them labeled by number so I can reuse the files each year. In these files I keep IEP's, parent notes, copies of notes I send home, etc.
    I hope these help. I also try to clear off my desk each night before I go home so I have the piece of mind that everything has been taken care of each night before I go home.

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