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    my organization system
    By Brooke

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    My fellow teacher is also super-organized, I am less so. I understand your issues. I can tell you how I tend to the ones above which I have managed.

    I have a manila folder for each child that holds notes on their IEP, signs and returns and anything miscellaneous I may need to refer to later with a parent or team. Filing here is really easy because they're beside my desk and it truly takes seconds to file those things away. In my left hand bottom draw I have a notebook for faculty meetings. I take notes but in five years I've never looked at them again. I started throwing away faculty notes because someone else will always have them if I need them. However, I have sense enough to know if the principal has a pet project, start a file on those hand-outs. I have a simple file called principal. When my old principal left, I could throw all those notes out.

    I use several forms often. I need lots of copies of those forms. They're in a small 3-draw file behind my desk. They're easy to get to and I simply replenish them when I'm low on copies. I go to the school secretary to get the form I need once or twice a year. She has a file and will get it for me easily.

    I hate lots of worksheets hanging around so I copy just before I need them. We have a copy center that will make those copies. For me, I prefer to be just a week or so ahead. I get crazy when I have too much paper around me.

    Now this is what I do with what I need most. I have a large file cabinet in the back of my room. I keep hundreds of file folders in there. This is organized first by subject, then by chapter. I pull from these frequently as I begin a new chapter or topic. All of my lessons, worksheets, tests are organized in each file, so I simply pull what I need and get them copied. In this large file folder I also have a large variety of graphic organizers I can pull from "on the fly." These are also stocked so if at the lest minute a timeline seems approprite I grab it. If a Venn Diagram is needed a grab it. All of these file folders fit nicely into one crate by the side of my desk with pendaflex folders labeled by subject. That's that.

    So even though my fellow teacher is super-organized I find that I'm equally able. She far surpasses me though regarding grading papers. She's driven to correct them as she receives them. I need to be motivated so that leads to a paper pile-up. Unfortunately as I approach my fiftieth birthday I find myself less and less motivated to get to that pile of papers quickly.

    Best wishes.

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