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    By vateacher

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    I always check the school's website before an interview. I also thought very carefully about what I expected in my classroom. What I expected from a school and I made sure to have a few questions concerning the school just to make you seem prepared. As for the portfolio. I took a paper based one and never once had the opportunity to crack it open. So I wouldn't worry. If you have the portfolio's site you can always leave a card with your resume that has the portfolio address. Every interview I've gone to has asked me about my language arts block, my behavior model and my teaching experiences. I've also been asked situational questions like "what would you do if the school lost power for an extended period of time" or "describe how you would handle a difficult parent approaching you at the mall"
    I've never been in an interview that had that many people. Mine were always principal/assistant principal and that's all so I can see how you might feel intimidated. Just realize that you're there for a reason. That you're wonderful. I think when you go in confident it really helps. Good luck! You'll do fine.

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