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    Here's a few ideas.
    By Mrs. O

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    I teach second grade, and here are suggestions I give my students and their parents for Spelling and Bible Memory. If you are using a "traditional" curriculium, like I am, you have to find new ways to practice. You may already use these or they may be too corny for your big kids, but maybe you can adapt something.

    Say spell say the words into a tape recorder and then listen to yourself. Could also video tape and watch.
    Call a grandparent and say spell say some words for them.
    Say spell say words into a mirror.
    Write your words in a shallow pan of salt or cornmeal.
    Write your words and then trace over using different colors
    Write your words on top of a piece of sandpaper.
    Do air punches, push-ups, toe touches ect. for each letter as you spell the word.
    Write them on a dry erase board.
    Sing 5 letter words to the tune of "Bingo". (I have heard of other tunes for different numbers, but I can't think of them right now.)
    Tree spelling l

    Give each letter a value and have the children add up how much each word is worth.
    Telephone numbers for each word.Ask them to come up with some creative ways to practice. Honestly, I think spelling comes easier for some than others and in the end the only way to memorize is to write them over and over again. (Unless there is a genuine learning difficulty in that area, but that's another story.) I hope this helps.

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