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    geometry games
    By tia

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    i have 4 that i created (not online, though)

    1. musical angles--draw as many angles as you have student (or if you have few students and a large room, create 2x the #--for space between students). place the angles around the room--taped to walls, furniture, floor... when the music comes on, students must measure their angle and classify it. when the music goes off, they must move to the next angle. you must firmly set the rule that they may NOT move until the next piece of music comes on. it's helpful if you have an aide in the room who can stop/start the music or monitor to make sure the kids are "getting" it. then you can go over the answers afterward with everyone--what kind of angle was angle #12? they should all have the right classification, but their measurements will likely be off one way or the other 3 degrees. if any are way off, hold up that angle and measure it for them.

    2. geometry bingo--have pictures (i just drew mine) of everything you want to review--similar shapes, congruent shapes, parallel lines, acute triangle (be careful, because, obviously, some things have 2 names--like a right triangle can also be an isoceles triangle--i avoided that problem by only having 1 answer card--like, i had "right triangle" but not the isoceles triangle). as you call out terms, students cover their pictures.

    3. who am i? game--like the old "i am 5 x 8. what am i?" and someone else in the room says "i'm 40 (because s/he has that card). who has 3 x 5?" and someone else has 35..... i made one for geometry concepts....and i will post the word document (if it's not too large)
    THE ONLY PROBLEM IS....IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED....i have 2 scalene triangles in there, so an adjustment needs to be made--sorry, i ran out of time this year so didn't do the game and don't have time to figure it out right now.

    (the document is in 2 column-format--which each card being answered by the next one...the last card is answered with the first.)

    4. Teams Tournament
    This one i actually did to review for my geometry measurement unit (area, volume...), but it could be used with geometry concepts. it helps that i have a SMARTBoard for all students to view...but if you had an overhead, it would work just as well. i created slides of various problems (some real world word problems) some with pictures....what is the area of this rectangle? some with missing information--what is the perimeter of this shape--where they had to figure out the missing measurements first. class was divided into teams of 4-5. each team had a TAP light. every student had a small white board--the rules were: EACH member of the team had to have the formula, work, correct answer, and correct label (inches squared) on their boards--the first light lit got to answer the question--if they were wrong (or someone didn't have all information--encouraging them to work together and share how to solve problems), it went to the next lit group.

    i have played Teams Tournament before differently, but this time i wanted to use the TAP lights that i had seen someone mention here so, of course, i had to go out to buy them to use! ($5 for 4 at Walmart in lighting section by auto--they came with batteries--wahoo!)

    anyway, the other way i've done Teams Tournament is every team gets equal number of chances. first question is for team 1--they get x# of minutes to solve--first answer loud enough for me to hear is the answer--keeps the one kid from always shouting out answers: they need to consult. if they are wrong, the question goes to the next team--keeps the other teams quiet and working because they might get to steal! and then i always give the last question to the last team--same number of problems each.

    of course, i ALWAYS have prizes for winners! this adds a bit more motivation for them! sometimes i give a little treat to everyone after playing.

    hope these ideas help!

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