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    A good "sub"
    By Cathy-Dee

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    For me I think these would be the defining reasons....

    1) They are responsible and realiable- show up when expected, do the duties, stay until the students are gone, etc.,

    2) They can handle the classroom - not necessarily how I would handle my students but they can keep them in line.

    3) They follow my plans for the most part and leave me notes as to what was finished, what wasn't, any problems, etc.,

    4) They leave my room as organized as possible (or basically as close to how it was when they arrived).

    5) I do not hear complaints from parents or students on what happened in my classroom while I was away (other than my angels missing me) :o

    Basically a good "sub" blends into the school as if they are a part of the school in the sense that you often do not even realize that the "classroom" teacher is away because the "sub" is handling the class and teaching the lessons as should be done.

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